We are holding a Community Council meeting via ZOOM on Wednesday January 6th 2021 @ 7.30pm if any members of the public would like to join, please contact either the clerk or one of the Councillors.


Coronavirus Pandemic:

The COVID-19 Virus is having a profound effect on all our lives, the Councillors are aware that this is a difficult time for many residents and some could be having problems or need support to help them self-isolate.  The Councillors would like to stress that should anyone need help or support please don't hesitate to contact any one of them and they will organise what they can or point you in the right direction. 

Please stay safe and follow the advise and information on the UK Government website, Welsh Government website and NHS website.

The following Facebook pages also carry useful information, advice and organised support networks:

  • Llangennith Village Community page
  • Llanmadoc Village Community Group page
  • We are Gower COVID-19 Mutual Aid and Community page


Burry Green now have a WhatsApp group for the village, set up by two of its Community Councillors.  This has led to an increased sense of community and is used for help with shopping, exchanging information and chatting.





North Gower Food Hub:  Please see informatoin on 'Latest News' page 




This Community covers a large area in north-west Gower, which is a rural and holiday area.   This website is intended to help both residents and visitors to the area.

Llanmadoc near the Britannia Inn

The Council consists of 10 members – 5 from Llangennith, 3 from Llanmadoc and 2 from Cheriton, whose names are listed on this website.     All members work to improve the quality of life of the residents of the constituent villages.  Recent activities have included the provision of seats, making grants to help in the maintenance of the two halls in the Community, and lobbying C&C Swansea with regard to both highway and footpath issues.  (In fact this community has by length the most footpaths in the C&C Swansea).

The road into Llangennith

On this website you will be able to

  • Check the council members’ names
  • Check the Council meeting dates
  • View the recently approved minutes
  • Link to other relevant websites
  • View photo archive


Burry Green



The Council has made every effort to provide information which is accurate and up to date.  However, they cannot accept any responsibility for any loss damage or inconvenience which may result from use of this site.  The web page offers links to other websites when appropriate in good faith.  This Council will not accept liability for the display of incorrect information or for any adverse incidents which may arise after looking at these sites. 

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